Quality and certification

Its more than 30 years of experience and research work in the area of highly wear-resistant surface plating enables GRABE to offer you a solution which is just the right one for your needs. The advantages are:

a smooth surface without a noticeable transition between the welding beads

this surface minimizes the resistance to slip and the risk of ridge formation, which has a positive effect on the punching time

a low level of melt off energy avoids undesirable high levels of amalgamation with the base material (fusion penetration) and therefore results in a lengthening of the serviceable life

plated sheeets comprise a carrier plate with a single or multiple layered wear-resistant coating which has a high carbon and chromium carbide content

the low level of melt off energy also results in the undesirable loss of alloying elements and in turn, the proportion of primary chromium carbide in the coating is increased. The consequence is again a lengthened serviceable life of the compound armour plate.