Manufacturing of wear protection

Welding head
Manual welding workstation

The automatic welding machines, plasma cutting plants and 2,500 tonne press from GRABE have been especially developed for increasing demands. This ensures that an optimal result of the surface-layer welding is achieved with regard to the welding quality, speed, flexibility and minimization of production costs.


A top quality and an ideal welding speed are not a matter of course – only the best automatic welding machines can meet these demands and at the same time be so flexible that they can be quickly converted to another process.

This provides for an effective production of surface-layer welded plates which are available in various materials. The automatic welding machines from GRABE are hereby able to process up to 4 flux cored wires simultaneously.


A specially developed control system ensures that the automatic machines are able to produce at night manless. We pass this cost advantage on to our customers.