Locking systems for the blast furnace

The materials such as ore, coke and fluxes (e.g. limestone) which are required for the blast furnace process are added to the process via corresponding distribution systems. In the case of older blast furnaces, the material is distributed via a bell/basin system. The form of distribution is primarily to be found in Eastern Europe and occasionally in North and South America.

After Paul Wurth had introduced a BLT (bell less top) system, the material was distributed via revolving chutes. Nowadays, revolving chutes are to be found in almost all of the blast furnaces in the world.

Both of theses systems are wearing parts which need to be replaced at regular intervals, depending on the melting performance of the blast furnace. GRABE manufactures these complex components on the basis of customer drawings and both directly and indirectly supplies them to blast furnaces around the world.